Psi Ctrl – playful interaction

”Psi Ctrl” was inspired by the concept of how telekinesis is often portrayed in popular culture.

Design process

Designed for the possibilities as well as limitations of the Oculus rift, the prototype focuses on the head as the main interactor. As the user looks at an object, it is highlighted. Interactions are stacked, and keeping focus on the same object will result in it starting to shake to indicate that the user is about to get control over it. When the object starts to glow, the user can move it has he/she moves his/her head. To move the object, the user has to perform soft head turns, as if carrying fragile content. Swift movements can be used to throw the object around.

My role

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Possible uses for such an interaction pattern could be anything from functional uses for people with certain disabilities, to purely playful entertainment.

Please note that the recordings of the application are much more laggy than the actual application itself. Video recording the a realtime application requires better computing power than mine could provide.