Nalle in space: shaping childrens classical music experiences


The ’Nalle in space’ concerts work with audience engagement, to make traditional art forms accessible for children. With audience interactions, workshops and some digital magic, the Nalle in space concert in 2013 was enhanced for the visitors.

’Nalle in space’ is a hi-fi prototype that was developed for the Malmö symphonic orchestra concert with the same theme. In the app, children are able to explore and compose parts of the music performed at the concert. They are also able to record their own sounds and add to the compositions.

My role in the project was mainly graphic design and ’look and feel’, as I made the 2D, 3D art and focused on the playful interaction design.

The app is available on Google play and Appstore.


The music was recorded by Malmös symphonic orchestra and was written and composed by Nicklas Schmidt. The prototype was programmed by Rikard Lundstedt, and part of shaping the interaction design as well as content were Erling Björgvinsson, Rikard Lundstedt, Nicklas Schmidt, Karolina Rosenqvist and Gabriella Bergman.

The project was a result of a collaboration between Malmö symphonic orchestra and Medea in Malmö. The project rested within the frame of ’musical experience design’, which aims to develope and explore new forms of audience engagement with classical music.

To read more about the project of the project here. You can also read a full report through preview, or download.

My role

– Playful interaction design
– 2D and 3D modeling