PopInk: A minimalistic game prototype based on sound and colour

In PopInk, you navigate with the help of a soft sphere, that you lean to the sides as you turn in a a visually minimalistic space. The goal of the game is to sort approaching colour balls in their respective places on the colour wheel. Some colour balls do not match, and needs to be destroyed before they come to close to you. With the help of sound you are able to hear where in the virtual 3D space the balls are currently positioned, and you can also hear which ones that can be sorted and which ones that need to be destroyed this way. The game has an interesting claustrophobic quality to it, as sounds are approaching from every corner all the time.

Robin Rundkvist
Jonatan Opasiak
Marie Lindblom
Ronja Worum
Yasemine Sinem Köselecioğlu