Tiny Island – simulation and VR application

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A simulation created for the mobile makerspace concept ”Make it VR”. I was the internal project manager, created the concept with two colleagues, and designed as well as developed the digital and electronics content. The main goal of the project was to spread the maker movement.

Design process

Starting out, we wanted to show how modern hi-fi technologies could be created or used with affordable, familiar and/or reusable material. In the end we hoped to inspire pedagogues to broaden their crafting materials to include more technology oriented things, but also to inspire the children.


”Tiny island” was created to show off how sensors can be used, but was also used in a Google Cardboard application to mention how modern day 3D works. The world was modeled in low poly style to ensure the application would not be too heavy for the phone to run as a VR application.

The sensors used were two LDR(Light Dependent Resistor) and one Piezo as input. One LDR controlled the light in the world, the other controlled the height of the trees. The piezo in the middle was used to blow into which caused the wind to blow in the simulation.

My role

– Internal project management
– UX and play Design
– 3D modeling, basic animation and graphics creation
– Prototyping
– Workshop host

I came up with the workshop content with one of my collegues. I created all applications in Unity, put together the circuits used, bought the materials, and I co-hosted the workshop with one assistant(two different depending on the language the children spoke). Click on the video below to see the simulation and sensors in action!