”PLANT.” – An application that teaches children about photosynthesis

The prototype ”PLANT” constituted of a physical part, in the form of a pot with soil that you could physically interact with – and – a digital visualization of a plant on screen.

As you start the application you initially have to water the soiled pot, in order to make the seed sprout. As you do this, the first baby leaves start to emerge. To make the plant grow and thrive, you have to talk to or blow on it to provide carbon dioxide. You also have to make sure to balance the exposure to light it gets, so that the plant does not get burnt by too much sunlight or turns bleak green from too little. Throughout the plants development, the application provides information of what plants need to live and prosper. We wanted our target group – children – to get a chance to take part in a plants life cycle at a high pace to communicate how ”alive” and fragile they are in real life.

This was presented and exhibited at K3. The audience was able to vote on their favourite project, and this won the first price.

My role

– Co-design
– Coding
– Electronics